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  • Homergize is a one-stop shop for Design, Decoration & Renovation. It is a marketplace that brings Professionals like Architects, Interior Designers, Landscape Architects and Contractors onto one platform.
  • At one end, Homergize provides homeowners the ability to quickly identify skilled, rated & trusted professionals and engage with architects, landscape architects & designers and at the other, Homergize makes it easy to procure supplies ranging from building materials and fittings to furnishings.
  • In addition, Homergize also strives to contribute to the ecosystem by providing tools to the professionals & contractors to further enhance their skills.
How did it start?
  • It all started when Vinod, Founder of Homergize, wanted to convert his family room into a home theater room. He found it extremely frustrating to find a skilled professional. It took him over 6 months to identify one, by way of multiple references, to get the work started.
  • Among other activities, the work involved moving the position of an existing door and a window. The professional decided that the best way to unhinge the lintel was to drill around it and push it down. Doing so, given the weight of the lintel, would have had structural impact, specifically to the room and potentially to the house! The mess was averted by a timely professional advice from a visitor who happened to be a civil engineer, on how to proceed.
  • The entire project was one roller coaster ride with issues around skill level, social skills, punctuality, quality of materials, etc., which further added to the cost & timelines and impacted the quality of the deliverable.
  • It was during this project that Vinod felt it would have been great to have a platform that specifically addresses these concerns. Homergize was conceptualized to:
  • Identify skilled and trusted professionals by rating
  • DIY (Do It Yourself)/DIFM (Do It For Me) guidelines
  • Get inspired from designs
  • Ease procuring building supplies to furnishings
  • A sincere effort has been made to alleviate most common pain points one faces with any design to improvement activity in India. With this platform, the Homergize team hopes to make your design, development and decoration easy and fun.