Creative Ways to Use Wallpaper

Through the middle ages and the era preceding the 1700s, the social elite would hang large tapestries in their homes. These tapestries were made from a printmaking technique known as woodcut and since they were so expensive, were only seen in affluent homes. In 1785, the first machine in the world to produce colour-tinted wallpaper was invented and in 1799, a machine rolling out continuous lengths of paper was patented, paving the way for wallpaper to become an integral part of middle-class homes in France and England.

Wallpaper has experienced a renaissance of late, with infinite designs flooding the market and more Indians opting to use it in their homes. From plain, simple designs to LED embedded wallpapers, there is an array of options to choose from and a number of ways you can use it in your home. Since it is so versatile, wallpaper becomes the perfect addition to any urban home, and adds an aesthetic value that very few alternatives can beat. Plus, unlike paint, it is mess-free and simply involves applying custom-cut paper on to the wall with an adhesive. Whether it's a framed wallpaper design, a focus beam in the passage or a colour-in design in the children's bedroom, wallpaper has something to offer everyone. Here are a few ways you can use wallpaper to brighten your home! 

Little squares of wallpaper tucked inside large rectangular frames can transform a space in an impactful way. By pairing different designs with each other in adjoining frames, you can actually create a dramatic effect. Alternatively, for a low-key look, opt for the same design in all your frames. To keep the wallpaper wrinkle-free, mount it on a thin foam board and then frame it.

Colour-in wallpapers have become a hot trend amongst parents and children alike. Remember those times when the kids were little and would compulsively draw on every bit of wall space they could find? Well, colour-in wallpapers are the solution. These clever wallpapers come with pre-drawn images that are left for you to colour. They can be coloured with practically anything, like felt pens, paints or markers. 

You can now also incorporate wallpaper in your home without having it on your wall; just decorate some transparent glass or plastic coasters with scraps of wallpaper. Transparent coasters are widely available online. By coating one side of the coaster with decoupage glue and then placing it on the wallpaper (design side up), you have created a patterned coaster. Then, trim the wallpaper scrap to fit the sides of the coaster. It would be a good idea to apply the underside of the coaster with two more coats of decoupage glue to secure the paper in place. 

Highlighting lampshades in your bedroom can make for an enchanting visual display. Cut a ream of patterned wallpaper and cover the shade either entirely, or as a central ribbon. To create a contrast, you could even highlight the wall behind the lamp with a wallpaper in the same pattern, but in another colour.  

Nobody likes ancient, discoloured switch plates in their home. With wallpaper, however, you can transform those switch plates into beautiful works of art. Start by cutting your wallpaper piece to be a little larger than your plate and cut the corners off. Then, apply mod podge to the front of your plate and the back of your wallpaper and fasten them together. Finally, fold the corners of the paper behind the switch plate. Once you’re done, poke a hole through the square that seats the switch and cut neatly in the shape of the switch. Voila, you’re done! 


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