How to Store in a Closet-less Room

There are never enough storage units in modern households and we often find ourselves using every spare corner as a storage nook. The trouble is, it doesn't always make a pretty sight, and we are left torn, choosing between utility and aesthetics. It's not always easy to make that choice, but with a few simple tricks, we can combine the two to create stylish, functional storage corners. Not only is it a convenient way to de-clutter around the home, but these storage corners double up as home decor accents that push the style quotient of any home up by several notches.

Who said a closet needs to have doors? Without doors, in fact, not only are you creating more space within the room, but you are also enabling the exhibits inside the closet to act as great room accents. Whether it's shirts, ties or belts, hanging them to form an open closet can turn them into a beautiful visual display. With the right combination of shelves, rods and hooks, you can create a little storage paradise for your clothes and shoes, all the while donning your DIY designer hat. 

Ladders can make for extremely versatile storage racks. Paint them in vibrant colours and use them as racks to hang your shoes, clothes or even your curios. They take up very little room, but can fix your storage problem instantly. 

Bright baskets are cheerful storage options that are also portable. They're cheap, widely available online and in retail stores, and come in vivid colours spanning the colours of the rainbow. Pick a colour that matches your decor scheme and use it to store your handbags, clothes, blankets and pillows. Baskets can be moved around anywhere, so there's no mess whilst transporting things from one place to another. 

Using the backs of doors is an efficient way to make use of the space that nobody otherwise thinks about. By hanging a multi-pouch unit there, you have ready-made containers to stash your hairbrush, hairdryer or cosmetics. Alternatively, just tack some hooks to your door to hang your knickknacks. 


Walls can serve as gorgeous backdrops for storage. Bronze and silver photo frames coupled with metallic hooks and rods can create a veritable mosaic of aesthetic storage. Hang your necklaces, keychains, scarves and sweaters on your walls to create your own piece of rustic heaven. Alternatively, if you prefer a matte, wooden effect, buy wooden rods and pair them with wood-finished frames. If you like experimenting with colour, you could even add a lick of paint to the rods and frames to achieve a subtle colour blocking effect. 

A room with less storage can actually be a blessing in disguise. You're left with more choice with respect to how you want to style your room and be left with more storage as a result! 

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