5 Tips on Making White Work

Do you shy away from white? If you do, you’re not alone. White is one of those colours that people tend to disassociate with when it comes to decorating their homes.

In the ancient Egyptian times, priestesses wore white as a symbol of purity, while the ancient Romans wore white togas to represent citizenship. Through the middle ages and Renaissance, white was the universal symbol of chastity, and with the advent of Neo - classical architecture, white became the colour that adorned churches, capitols and eminent buildings.

Ironically, in modern homes, white is usually relegated to the walls, while furniture, décor and furnishings are usually chosen in deeper shades. White is one of those colours that people tend to disassociate with when it comes to decorating their homes.

Read on to see why white is one of the classiest colours around and spells sophistication and elegance like nothing else.

Marrying metals in brass, copper and gold with neutral colours like black, ivory and brown is a winning combination. And it could work in just about any room in your house. Whether it is a brass chandelier juxtaposed with a white ceiling, or shiny silver appliances against flawless white tiles, the metals’ reflectance has an inviting effect.


While you may feel that maintaining white upholstery is a colossal task and not worth the trouble, you might want to reconsider your decision. White definitely requires maintenance, but it’s not as hard as you think. In rooms with a constant inflow of people, go for faux fabrics such as faux-leather and faux-suede. Khaki and denim slipcovers also work wonders in homes with children and pets. If you pick the right fabric for your home, you could pair practicality with aesthetics.

A white wall is a beautiful, timeless canvas. You could use it wonderfully to feature a classic piece of art right in its centre. Consider hanging a painting or sculptural piece in a heavy bronze or sleek black frame over an all-white bed, or on a standalone white wall. Choose art elements in dark, bold shades that will stand out against your wall.

So which shade of white should you use? Did you know that there are hundreds of shades of white to choose from? Each colour in the spectrum has an underlying white hue. Look at your existing décor, laminates and furniture to decide which white works best for you. Alternatively, if you find that your room looks lackluster and cold, go for a layering technique in which you could alternate various shades of white to create a soft ambience. Stripes, patterns, embossments and textures sitting on various elements such as curtains, linen and rugs can complement each other in infusing the room with a warm personality.

If your bathroom is a sea of white, a smidge of colour could be a welcome change for the eyes. Experiment with magenta mosaic tiles, turquoise squares or metallic panels in the bathroom, whilst keeping your fittings a shade of sparkling white. The contrast will pack a punch and add pizazz to the bathroom.


Whichever part of your home you choose to transform, you’ll notice that the aura your home exudes will completely change with the introduction of white elements. So are you ready to convert your home into a magnificent cloud of white yet?

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