Decorating Outdoor Spaces

Azure skies, golden sunlight and splendid weather are just the right reasons to step outside. It’s the season of porch barbeques and balcony sunsets, because seriously, what better way to inhale the tropical summer air, than from the comfort of your own home?

Creating an outdoor niche within your living space is the ideal way to plant a little freshness within the confines of your walls and present your home with a piece of the sky.

Infusing vibrant colours into your outdoor space works beautifully to liven the space up. Use throw cushions in vivid colours like magenta, carnation, indigo and tangerine against divan-style ledges that you can cushion with a soft lining. 


For evenings that you’d rather spend watching the sunset with a chilled drink between your palms, an outdoor lounge is the perfect answer. Fetch old furniture from indoors and place it aesthetically to create a lounging space. An old chest could be turned into a centre table, whilst two old chairs could be propped together to create an extended seating area. Opt for crisp, fresh linens to dress your sitting area in summery hues, whilst maintaining a rustic backdrop with your furniture. Accessorise your space with potted plants, soft fairy lights and paisley themed lanterns. 


Swings can serve as the perfect escape on days when the flawless blue sky seems to be calling out to you. Select loaf-cushions that you could slide into pretty slipcovers in powder blue or soft grey. Be sure to pick a colour that would not become too weathered in an outdoor environment. You could pick a fabric with diminutive print or a lovely intricate embroidered design. You could throw on some cushions too; after all, who’d want to pass up a chance to catch a quick nap?

Lighting plays a key role in producing just the right ambience in a living space, whether indoors or outdoors. Decorate your balcony or patio with fibre-ball pendant lights in varying lengths from the ceiling. Also, save your old glass jars and convert them into lamp holders by carefully placing candles inside them. You could tie these to your balcony grill to create layers of light across the breadth of your verandah. 

If your space is devoid of shade, you could construct your own awning to mellow the temperatures. If you’re feeling especially adventurous, sew it yourself, or alternatively, hire a tailor to do it. Pick out a fabric in a soft butter yellow or calming cream, in order to deflect as much light as possible, leaving your space cool and airy. 

An inviting, comfortable outdoor space can serve as an extension to your home and leave you never wanting to come back indoors. Try it to see for yourself!

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