Tips to Turn a Tiny Fridge into a Storage Haven

When it comes to organised storage, there are some items in your home that you might have covered. Your closet, your kitchen cabinets; even your under-bed storage. Yet, your refrigerator almost never comes under the radar on those Saturday morning organising escapades when your storage undergoes an overhaul. There aren’t too many well-known ways that you can organise a fridge well, really. But the few ways that there are, are rather exceptional.

Our fridges, especially when they are small and low, have a tendency to swallow the items we keep farthest back. We usually forget about them until we discover them months later, unrecognisable and coated in fungus. To eliminate the endless cycle of the survival of the fittest food in your refrigerator, use baskets, which can be easily removed and put back. You can purchase small plastic baskets on any online marketplace or home store; even small laundry baskets will serve your purpose. Go one step further and label your baskets, so that you don’t end up scrambling for food. This way, all your food has an equal chance of being found and consumed!


In the eighteenth century, British culture had accepted a concept known as dumbwaiter to replace overtly sociable servers. These instruments were turntables that allowed food to be rotated to enable equal reach to all its sides. Eventually, the concept came to be credited as an American invention, and a name was coined for it: Lazy Susan. Today, Lazy Susans are used for a variety of purposes; on the dinner table, as display devices and as storage units. They are ideal additions to a refrigerator too. Store your bottles, jars and containers around the table, and swivel it to find what you’re looking for. Pick one for each shelf, making sure that it fits perfectly, so that you aren’t left with unwanted free corners. 


Often, the surfaces of our shelves act as food catchers, with remnants and particles getting caught in the grooves and corners. There’s an easy DIY way to fix this problem: food mats. There are many ways to make these. You could cut out sheer contact paper to fit the exact shape of your shelf or you could custom-cut thin laminated table mats to fit your shelf. Make sure that your mat is waterproof; otherwise it will have a limited shelf life.


Mason jars are fantastic inventions as far as vegetable storage is concerned, because they preserve vegetables far longer than most other vessels. You could either purchase these online or at a store, or recycle clean jam or pickle bottles. Cube or slice your vegetables, and stack them inside your jar before refrigerating!


Turn your tiny fridge into a storage haven for better, fresher food. Welcome to fabulous food storage!

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