Building your Own Balcony Garden

For city dwellers, the idea of an emerald garden with sprawling vines may seem like an outlandish addition to an urban wish list. But seriously, who wouldn't want to sip coffee on a window ledge looking out on to a veritable Eden?

Believe it or not, creating your outdoor garden may not be such a far-fetched thought after all. Here are some tips to convert a barren balcony into a mini oasis!

Before you start out on your project, assess how many hours of sunlight your balcony receives. For your plants to flourish and blossom, you will need to ensure that you get sufficient light, even if it is indirect. Scan the sky for looming buildings and trees that could potentially obstruct light, and plan your plants according to their light needs. 

Next, think about your colour scheme. Your garden should seamlessly blend in with your décor. Pick flowers that match your cushion covers to infuse an organic freshness into your balcony. Think about matching cherry roses with crimson cushion covers, yellow marigolds with orange pillows, and petite bluebells with transparent turquoise tableware. Complement your central flowers with two other contrasting shades to produce a vivid floral fabric as the backdrop to your balcony. 

The beauty of a balcony is that it lets you think about placing your plants at different levels, giving you an illusion of a visual tapestry. If you have a grill, consider using it as a frame to grow beautiful vines and creepers. Tack some hooks to the ceiling to make way for some hanging pots, and keep some low tables against the walls to hold your ceramic pots.


Once you have planned your flowers, levels and colour tones, visit a good nursery to pick out your flower bulbs and pots. 

Recycling is not just great for the environment; it’s also perfect for your home garden. Every home has cans and holders stashed at the back of the cupboard. Well, it’s time to put them to good use. Paint some tin cans in bright colours and lay them carefully with potting soil. Burrow your hands inside the soil to create a groove and carefully place your bulbs inside it. Secure them with your hands to create a firm hold and repeat this step for the other containers. Dress your containers with pretty pebbles, coloured sawdust or dyed soil to give them a fanciful touch.

Once you have completed your wonderful garden, it’s important to keep it as low maintenance as possible. Add water saving granules to the soil to increase water absorption and evaluate installing a basic water irrigation system to keep your plants watered without your intervention. It’s really that simple! Gift your green fingers this little garden project and convert your urban space into a greenhouse fantasy!

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