Serving a Fresh Kitchen – Sunny Side Up!

Congratulations, you have made the decision to upgrade materials and finishes in your kitchen.

One of the most heavily used spaces in your home, the kitchen definitely needs a fresh look after a few years.

Let us help you with a checklist so that your new design will give you a functional kitchen to accommodate all your equipment, help you cook efficiently and also keep those compliments coming for many seasons.

These are some key topics to think about when it comes to designing a kitchen:
1. Storage Needs
2. Lighting, Ventilation, Plumbing
3. Ease of use – layout planning
4. Appliances
5. Aesthetics

Lets start with how much space you are remodeling. If your kitchen is larger than 200 sq. ft., consider yourself blessed! You could easily fit an eat-in area along with a generous zone for heavy duty cooking. If your space falls between 120 – 180 sq. ft., then that’s perfect for cooking up a storm. Spaces under a 100 sq. ft. are challenging to design but super easy to clean up! 


Storage – calculate how much space you need to fit pots, pans, cookers, serving spoons, cutlery, dinner sets, glasses and then separate by material – plastic, steel, delicate and expensive porcelain, glass etc. Items of daily use should be under the counter and some storage will be in cabinet’s overhead. Use the pantry for pulses, rice and grains, extra supplies and flours. In a more compact kitchen, you can create a mini cupboard with a lockable door for these. Think about items that need drawers of different heights, some items need to be displayed behind glass shutters and some items are so heavy that their shelves should have extra support.




Lighting, Ventilation, Plumbing – A bright kitchen window can make cutting and chopping a pleasant activity. At night, use white lights that are hidden below the cabinets (hung on the walls) to avoid eyestrain. Make a pretty statement with yellow lights in glass cabinets to show off your whisky and wine glasses! Have an effective exhaust fan system above the cooking range to eliminate odors and fumes post-cooking. Plan cold and hot water supply for your sinks, dishwasher and a washing machine if needed. They also need good drainage points that are easy to access for cleaning and servicing. Water inlet and outlet for a water purifier is absolutely essential these days.

Layout Planning – A refrigerator, the workspace and the cooking range should form a tight triangle in a modest kitchen. Keeping the sink to the right of the range is most efficient for right-handed people. The refrigerator if placed close to the kitchen door, makes part work easy and quick to put away perishables from a grocery trip or dinner. Larger kitchens could benefit from a high slim counter with stools to serve breakfast to the kids or drinks to your guests!

Appliances – If the electrical wiring and load is to be planned for, the usual appliances such as a water filter, geyser, toaster, microwave, oven, exhaust fan, cooking range, refrigerator and two extra points for mixers and food processors would be sufficient. If the dishwasher and washing machine too were in the same space then they would require 15Amp outlets. The location of these points would fall into place once you freeze the layout of your kitchen. A ceiling fan can be quite a sensible addition.


Aesthetics – Making your kitchen smart and sleek is really simple. Use light colors for the cabinet and drawer fronts (shutters) to make the space look larger and brighter. Use a dark granite stone for the counter so that cleaning –up is quick. Either go with a pair of warm or cool colors and use a third rich color sparingly in the tiles or on bare walls. Browse through our site for pleasing combinations. 


Upscale your kitchen and make mealtimes delightful with these ideas. Homergize is available to provide you with more insights into design, materials and professionals you will need to remodel up your kitchen.

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Shweta Kapur

Shweta Kapur is an architect, journalist, graphic designer, home baker and an avid reader! With a passion for detail, she enjoys creative persuits and finds travel and photography very fulfilling while she works as a correspondent on design and architecture, with Inside Outside, an Indian magazine.