Living Room
A room that enables you Relax, socialize and showcase your style. The living room is an extension of your self, your personality and the most visible depiction of your taste. Homergize Living Room Interior Design
Bed Room
A right combination of Design, Color and Lighting can enliven and soothe at the same time. A tastefully designed Bedroom adds a new dimension to your private space. Homergize Bed Room Interior Design
Kitchen is all about function and utility, but a well designed kitchen can be a visual treat too. High quality materials and modern design cues will make you stand out, and your kitchen too. Homergize Kitchen Interior Design
Our Process

Please to outline your requirements. Our Design Team will rapidly generate a Proposal and an Indicative Price Quote.

Our Proprietary Tech Process for design finalization will virtually "READ YOUR MIND" to convert your design brief into a formal design proposal.

Our intuitive App Dashboard enables you to track all aspects of the project, like design, materials, payments and execution progress.

We guarantee Time-Bound delivery that can range from 20 - 45 days. We will professionally audit the completed project and hand it over to your satisfaction.

About Us
Homergize Interior Solutions is a part of We are able to provide you unmatched value based on our strengths below:

  • We are a technology platform that promotes efficiency through speedy design and professional execution
  • Our strong vendor network enables Input material sourcing at competitive prices
  • Our cost focus lets us do much more with your interiors budget
  • We are different; our designs factor your likes and priorities; be it in making your dwelling child-friendly, in giving it a Horticultural focus, ensuring Vaastu compliance or in just about any specific requirement you might have
  • Fine Living is just a call away. We will surprise you with how much MORE we can do within your budget. Please and let us take the first steps to having your interiors announce your style