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Organizer (set of 3). A warm design in cold concrete, this organizer makes organizing fun! Simple and clean design for the most basic things. Add this trio to your bath space or organize your stationery! You have got to add some concrete cool. This is a must-have.

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2,500 Per Unit
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GOMAADS is Art. We sculpt objects in Concrete. A preference that aligns to the rustic as well as reflects the contemporary. A strong flavor to simple objects. A solution for needs unknown, explores its textures and plays in its colours in everyay products that let a space express a personality. Warm designs shaped in cold concrete.
GOMAADS is an attitude.

Care and Precautions:
- Handle with care. Much like Ceramic. - Product(s) like bowls/food not food friendly. For dry use only.
- Keep away from Oil/Creme. Concrete absorbs, will stain. Water stains will dry off.

Terms and Conditions:
- All these products are hand made , outer appearance of the concrete is subject to change in every product.
- Accessories shown in pictures are not part of products.

Each Product will have the following specifications:
28 MM
230 MM
1.0 KG
180 MM
Concrete Grey
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