What is Snagging

Construction being a complex process with multiple stages, varied technologies and skill-sets involved, there usually are instances when the finished structure varies from the planned parameters. Snagging is undertaken to professionally appraise the dwelling and list any shortcomings from agreed standards. The scope and depth of snagging varies with the project and the intended audience. But the core objective is invariably, to make the client aware of the defects and shortcomings, and to have it corrected prior to hand-over.

While snagging is primarily targeted as a service for the buyer / client, it can also assist the seller / builder / developer in identifying the flaws in his project, as a pro-active measure prior to hand-over.

Homergize Snagging Process:

Snaglist Process The Snagging Process is broadly segmented into three stages:

Inspection:A structured process of examining the project through visual inspection, measurements, video and still image capture.

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Benefits to New Dwelling Buyers Benefits to Buyers of Resale Property: The Snagging Report will highlight current and foreseen problems with the property, and guide the buyer in mitigating the issues.

Seller of New or Resale Property: With the current focus on quality and service excellence, delivering a complying product eases the sale of the project and enhances Brand Equity.

The Snagging Report will enable the seller rectify known issues and enable the delivery of a quality product, possibly at a better realizations.

Types of Snagging:
RESIDENTIAL SNAGGING: Snaglist The information asymmetry between the Seller and the Buyer being the highest in Residential Real Estate Purchases, Snagging of Residential projects can be of maximum gain to the Buyer. Moreover, purchasing a House being a high capex, high involvement decision with a long usage span, a Snagging exercise will be in the best interests of the home-buyer. Professional snagging can save the buyer significant cost and inconvenience over the long term.
COMMERCIAL SNAGGING: Snaglist Commercial Property purchase is more susceptible to regulatory assessment and legal implications. That makes it all the more important to ensure compliance with contracted scope, and also with regulatory standards. Snagging will be an effective way to safeguard the commercial property from future liabilities.
The Snag-Listing service will include the following:

Comprehensive Inspection Report Analytical assessment of the project in terms of measured deviations from standard Subjective assessment of construction quality and finish A report highlighting any deficiencies in fixtures and finishing

The party will have the option of contracting Homergize Certified Skill-providers for rectifying any deficiencies outlined, thereby rendering the dwelling habitable.